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Emotional insight. Intelligent leadership.

A Globally Recognised Specialist in Emotional Intelligence

Through our tailored executive coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programmes, we work with individuals, boards, teams and entire organisations to develop and strengthen both workplace culture and performance of senior leaders.


We are a catalyst for success within organisations, enabling individuals and teams to navigate the day-to-day business functions and achieve strategic goals, drive business performance and elevate careers.

Based in London, we work throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and United States across a number of sectors with a specialism in global Private Equity organisations and Premier League Football.

A Unique Scientifically-Based Approach

Guided by the empirical evidence that everyone can improve their EQ

EQ or emotional quotient – the level of our emotional intelligence – is our ability to evaluate and identify emotions in ourselves and the impact they have on us and others.

This approach is proven across a wide range of industry sectors, board leaders and c-suite level roles.


We are one of the few emotional intelligence leadership specialists that work on the ground throughout the world. This gives us a deeper understanding of considerations, nuances and dynamics of different cultures, and how to strengthen communication channels.

The Numbers Of Our Success

Founded in 2014, Uniqueily Global partners with over 30 clients around the world.

Benefits for organisations

Our work is designed to encourage deeper communication among C-suite leaders, board members, their peers and teams. Alongside developing more effective leaders, this results in a happier and a higher-performing workforce

Benefits for leaders

Our tailored programmes use the latest techniques to instil a higher degree of emotional intelligence in senior leaders. We guide accomplished senior leaders to even greater success by unlocking their full potential.


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How We Work With EQ


A personalised

Integrating emotional intelligence into leadership coaching not only enhances overall performance but also has the potential to elevate job satisfaction, build trust, and promote organisational commitment and loyalty.

Within our executive coaching programmes, we cultivate and nurture a powerful dynamic of behaviours, skills, and actions aimed at transforming a leader's effectiveness in both functional and business leadership, with a core focus on emotional intelligence.


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Bespoke leadership development programmes

Using a blend of of  EQ-i team diagnostics, 1:1 coaching and bespoke offsites, our Senior Leadership Team programmes equip all leaders with a heightened sense of emotional self-awareness which enhances business performance, bottom-line impact, and ultimately results in incremental commercial success.

"The best $ I have spent this year"

CEO, US-based Organisation


Join us at our next Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

Our 1-day Emotional Intelligence Masterclass is perfect for anyone who want to better understand and manage their own emotions - and those of others. 

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